2017 Pre-sail Project List

2 thoughts on “2017 Pre-sail Project List”

  1. I have a longer list….

    pull the boat
    scrape and paint the bottom
    replace zincs
    blow out and revalve the plumbing system in the loo
    bolt down the loo
    build solar panel frame
    attach frame to boat
    wire in solar panels to electric
    wire in electrical monitoring station
    attach the wind generator to boat
    wire in generator to electric
    wire into monitoring station
    acquire and install cold plate in icebox
    insulate new freezer
    add temp monitoring readout
    have compressor on marine fridge replaced
    wire fridge into 12v system
    wire in new nav station
    mount nav station in cockpit
    attach radar dome to mast
    attach tricolour light to top of mast
    update all lights to LED interior and exterior
    attach antenna to mast
    wire in VHF radio
    make small fiberglass repairs to deck
    reinstall pulpit
    attach netting all around deck
    install jacklines
    overhaul diesel engine
    change oil
    change all filters
    fix water pump
    fix micro leak
    fix switch for glow plug
    install port side mooring cleat
    have door cover and sailcover repaired
    make an extra engine key
    make a new boat book

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