“Affordable” Blue Water Sail Boats? – Crossing the Big Waters in a Fixed up Day Cruiser

2 thoughts on ““Affordable” Blue Water Sail Boats? – Crossing the Big Waters in a Fixed up Day Cruiser”

  1. Nice post Niccolea!
    Here is what I learned with my experience: every boat is different and even experts and qualified surveyors have not sailed on every boat so I think it’s important to spend some time on her and let the boat speak to you. During my 6 months yard period I rebuilt my boat following my owns idea and a lot of documentation from the experts. But after six months sailing I am re-thinking some of those ideas and doing more modifications.
    It is very hard to predict the boat’s behavior and the good offshore setup before sailing. People call it shakedown, but sometimes it’s more proper a trial period, where you actually live and sail on the boat for some time. It takes time to know a boat, and also to know yourself. In this way you will know what is needed and which modification you want for the boat.

    If you are going to do coastal cruising anyway for 1 year as you say why don’t refit in two sessions: session 1 fit for coastal cruising /liveaboard, then after the time spent sailing along the coast you will know what’s necessary for session 2.

    Just an idea, the paths to sailing are infinite! Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much for your input! Two sessions sounds like an excellent idea. We can fit for the coastal and then fit for blue water when we get back around to the USA (probably in Louisiana where Dovid’s parents live instead of waiting until we are in New England where we will cross). Thanks again! :-)

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